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Why Next World Immigration?

Next World Immigration Services Associates has created a niche for itself in the past two decades as the pioneer of Professional advisors as Immigration consultants with a plethora of individuals gaily settled in various countries across the globe. We have successfully been assisting people in effectuating their desire of settling abroad. Book Free Visa Assessment

The organization has helped myriad professionals with expertise in Law, Human Resource, Medicine, Business administration, Financial Management, Public Relations, engineering, etcetera. We hold Professional Associations with consortiums such as ICCRC in Canada and MARA in Australia. With humungous experience serving a varied range of clientele, we can offer a varied range of Visa and Immigration consultancy to our clients.

1> Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident Visa)

2> Australia Immigration (Permanent Resident Visa)

The Delhi-based firm has emerged as one of the most sought-after Legal Immigration Consultant Firm and an unswerving organization for the immigration opportunity seekers and a glance of the same could be seen in a few handful testimonials that speak for our expertise and achievement. The success stories and clients testimonials page on our website is a small testimony to our achievements which can be read, viewed and listened by following the link

Happy Clients - A Series of Success Stories

Entry to Australia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand and many more countries is a privilege, not a right. If you want to visit your family members, Live, Work, Study or Do Business in these countries, then you must meet the necessary Immigration requirements and you may need a Permanent Resident Visa also known as green card visa under the skilled immigration category or Temporary Resident Visa also known as non immigrant visa like Tourist Visa, Student Visa, Work Permit e.g. H-1B work permit Visa to USA.

Services Offered By Next World Immigration

1> Free Pre-Assessment & Counselling

2> Form Filing & Documentation Assisstance

3> Refused Case Analysis/ Refiling/ Review Appeal

4> Letter Drafting & Case Study Analysis

5> Post Landing Services

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100% Customer Satisfaction - Our Prime Objective

Customer satisfaction happens to be the determining factor which bolsters the overseas settlement services for us. We have successfully places various skilled immigrants to the globe as we work on the fundamentals of commitment and trained and supportive staff to help the candidate and we religiously follow an open and accountable work frame. We are pledged towards making our client services fair, professional, unambiguous and reasonable.

It is an immense privilege in today’s competitive world to be granted an opportunity to work and strive in the developed world and there is an extensive process of documentation and criterion one must undergo to be able to avail a Permanent Residency (under skilled immigration) or temporary Resident Visa ( in the form of tourist visa, student visa).

Next World Immigration - Best Immigration & Visa Consultant

We primarily help the immigration or Permanent Residency (PR Visa) seekers in countries where a person can hoist his standard of living, avail better work and personal opportunities to pave towards a cumulative future growth. We are Immigration consultants to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and the UK providing various facilities like enabling a person to seek Permanent Residency (skilled Visa), Immigration, Tourist Visa, spouse Visa, Business Visa and so forth. We undertake all the procedures and concerning legal matters involved in the process to enable our clients to migrate to the fore mentioned destinations with the least involved hurdles possible.

Being one of the precedent visa and immigration consultants in Delhi, Next World can be quite valuable to ease down the process of immigration for you. We help the candidate prepare his Visa petition for a substantial range of classes.

1> We provide visa facilities to countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

2> Family immigration visa such as spouse visa or partner visa, parents visa, child visa etc.

3> Business entrepreneur Immigration Visa.

4> Tourist visa for US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

5> As a leading study abroad consultant, we help you in study visa for Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand and many other countries.

6> As a leading visa consultants in Delhi, Next World Immigration helps you prepare the visa petition for Permanent Resident Visa under various categories like
1> Skilled Immigration Visa to Australia (SC-190 Visa, SC-189 visa etc),
2> Skilled Immigration to Canada (Express Entry, PNP program).

IELTS, PTE & TOEFL Preparation

We also provide IELTS, PTE & TOEFL coaching with specialized focus on immigration and study abroad needs. We provide quality classroom & also online test preparation services and have separate batches for immigration and study abroad students. Know more about Coaching:
1> IELTS Coaching in Delhi

2> PTE Coaching in Delhi

3> TOEFL Coaching in Delhi

Visa consultants in Delhi

Tourist Visa Services

Everyone wants to travel around the world but the most important and crucial part of travel formalities is the visa processing. A visitor will always be in a baffling situation after submitting the visa application until he or she finds out the status of the application. because embassy staff is going to decide whether a visa should be granted or not after reviewing the visa application, And there might be a possibility that your visa would not be approved due to some unsatisfactory information. Thus, one should always hire visa consultants as they have the accurate prowess to recognize problems and this convinces us that the procedure is going to be hassle-free.
We will help you to understand the role a visa consultant plays in your visa processing.
Convenience – The visa consultant deal with all the tiresome work like filling the application forms, booking appointment dates, preparing the letters, presenting an application, paying the fees in the bank or getting the DD done, collection of passports, etc. Applicant just needs to gather the documents required as per the list provided by them.
Expertise – Visa consultants are more proficient in their work and the chances of visa approval would always be higher.
Time-Saving – Time is the most precious asset and the information available online is not always accurate so we may waste a lot of time in research and quickly get puzzled and this blunder can cost your visa refusal. Without a doubt, you will save a lot of by hiring visa consultants.

Spouse Visa Services

Everybody wants to be with their spouse that is why people desire to call their partner to the country they are living in. One of the ways to call your spouse to Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc. is through spouse visa. Hiring spouse visa consultants will help you to comprehend the spouse visa procedure in detail and avoid mistakes while preparing documents or application submission which may help you to save your time and efforts.
- Expertise and success ratio: We at Next world immigration work as a devoted team and our aim are to satisfy our clients with our work. We will help you from the beginning till the end. We have successfully dealt with innumerable spouse visa applications till date and we have an incomparable success rate.
– Knowledge and efficiency of the consultant: We have proficient Case processing team here at Next world immigration. They are exceptionally experienced people and have never disappointed our clients.
– Transparency: We make sure that we share every activity happening on your visa application because we believe that you should be informed in case of any progress or obstacle.
– Our Clients says it all: It feels good when our clients appreciate our work and even refers our name and services to their friends or family. When you hear it from someone who has taken services in past is more valuable and satisfying.

Canada Visa consultants in Delhi

PR Visa Services

Applying for Canada/Australia PR can be intimidating and lengthy procedure. Many people think that they can find everything on Google which might help them get through the extremely complex process of PR application. You may hire google as a consultant for simple visitor visa application, but for those who aspire to live in another country on a permanent basis, It is highly recommended to hire an immigration consultant to help you with the documentation and to oversee the procedure carefully.

Excessively concerned with minor details

Just one small mistake on your application form may cost you visa denial, which, in a result, may lead to delay and in numerous cases, a loss of entire payment. With the visa fees constantly increasing, it is definitely not something you would like to take risks with. As such, hiring a competent person for processing PR application is recommended. Since they will help you through the application process, will always make sure that you fill out all aspects of the forms accurately.
Save Time and Money: Of course, hiring a visa consultant to guide you will invite expenses, but the possibilities of making mistakes would decrease. Simply making a small error, like applying in the wrong category can delay the processing of your application. Moreover, government authorities may impose charges for making these small errors or may ask you to redo the whole process. It is highly recommended to hire an immigration consultant they been through the procedure thousands of times and their expertise will save your time and make the process as smooth as it can be.

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Overseas Education

Our work is underpinned by our guiding principal of Complete Customer Satisfaction. We help students from New Delhi and across India to get admission in various colleges and universities across the world to countries like Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia etc. We are committed to having well trained and supportive staff and to developing and maintaining an open and accountable culture within the ambit of client services that is fair, reasonable, and professional in dealing with its clients.We assist our students in choosing an appropriate course and overseas education destination depending upon various parameters like post study work permit and settlement opportunities.

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I would certainly like to pay a visit to Nextworld Immigration office in New Delhi and thank them in person and meet them since i have never met any of their Case processing officers during the complete visa processing of my file. I am happily settled in Canada now and i got my PR Visa approval in December 2005. The documents preparation team of Nextworld Immigration is very professional & thorough in documentation and their approach to quality service deliverance is exceptional. I recommend their services to whosoever is looking to migrateto Canada, Australia, Denmark or UK etc. Biji Justin & Family, Kottakara, Kerala. Now happily settled in Canada Since Winter of 2003 This appreciation letter goes to the team at next world immigration Associates. Next world immigration is a thoroughly professional organization with deep knowledge in the field of immigration to various countries. I utilized their services for obtaining a PR visa for Australia. Their immense knowledge about the process and help made the whole process a breeze and I was able to secure the visa in one go. Highly recommended for all kinds of Visa services to Australia, Europe, and U.S.A. etc. Mansoor ul Haq Khan Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, Now in Brisbane (Queensland) Australia Highly professional ! Fabulous ! Extra ordinary & unmatched consultancy services delivery ! ! ! I do not have words to express my gratitude for helping me get my visa approval inspite of being rejected once by the Canadian embassy. I sincerely recommend their consultancyservices to anyone who is looking to migrate abroad. Maitree Roy Chowdhury a Chef from Kolkata, Now settled in Toronto since 2010 A big fat Thanks once more. I knew you would easily be able to get my lovely spouse to Canada and she got her Spouse Visa in record time. Hats off to the Casefiling team at Nextworld Immigration Services Associates. New Delhi. Lokesh and Anupama Varshney (Mrs.) Vancouver, Canada Dear Friends, This time i got the visa for my parents in February 2013 and my faith reposed in Nextworld Immigration services has once more reaped rich results and my confidence to recommend their services has grown stronger. I am with my parents waiting for a new family member i.e. either a Son or a Daughter which i leave to God. But, i suggest you better consider the professional services of Nextworld Immigration Services Associates in New Delhi for any matter related to Permanent Residency, Spouse Visa, Tourist Visa or a student visa. Kapil and Gunjan, Brisbane I am writing this appreciation email from Copenhagen in Denmark. I am so impressed with the professional immigration services from Nextworld that I can recommend their services to any one who is looking to immigrate abroad to Canada, Australia or Denmark. They can easily be considered the best Immigration Consultants in Delhi. Ajit Pal Singh from UP, Now in Denmark I started the immigration services from a consultant in Chandigarh who claimed themselves to be the oldest and with offices in Canada and all across India. But, i was surprised to see my case linger on for almost 4 years. Then one fine day, \I came in contact with Nextworld Immigration Associates and I resubmitted my visa file through them and got the Canada PR visa approval in less than one year. I suggest Prospective Immigrants to opt for their unmatched Services ! ! ! Yaman Yadav, New Delhi, Now in Edmonton, Canada Thanks a lot for helping me get my Spouse Visa to UK. Throughout, It was a memorable experience & I will always remember the way you handled my case with utmost caution and perfection. I highly rate your spouse visa consultancy services and capabilities. Bandana Srivastava, Canterbury, UK with spouse since 2005 To get a spouse visa approval in 5 months for Canada seems unrealistic. isn't it ? But, that is what has been made a reality for my spouse visa by the experienced team of Next world Immigration. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and wish them all the success in whatever they do. Akash and Preeti, settled in Toronto, Canada since 1999.

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